Kerala English Medium School

Champua, Keonjhar (Odisha)


ChairmanKEMS, Champua

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to K.E.M.S., a fast growing and leading public school of Keonjhar Dist, Odisha, which is dedicated to impart quality education based on traditional values.

The school firmly inculcates its students the strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect to elders, besides the scholastic the excellence proved by our students from time to time.

I have the opinion that a proper and systematic way of learning will definitely foster the confidence, discipline, the right thinking power and the right way of taking decision of any student which may help them to be a good citizen in future.

The school always seeks your utmost co-operation and support to achieve its goal.

SecretaryKEMS, Champua

PrincipalKEMS, Champua

Education is very important in the life of any person and I feel it is the main pillar on which the entire vision and dream of a person rests. It helps us to fulfill our dream through hard work and dedication.

A child gets a true and friendly atmosphere in the K.E.M.S. Champua campus which I feel exclusively fit for the overall development of the child. The pleasant environment and the great support of experienced and dedicated teachers of K.E.M.S. help the students to think high and make it true the sense of Dream High and attain it Through Hard Labour.

Besides the classroom schedules, we are also conducting inter house competition and other cultural activities from time to time, which cater the holistic development of every child.

With great commitment and excellence in education, we also try to impart the strong values of discipline, self confidence; integrity and kindness to the young minds which may help them to face any problem come across in future.

ManagerKEMS, Champua