Kerala English Medium School

Champua, Keonjhar (Odisha)

Admission and Withdrawal Procedure

Application for the admission must be submitted on the prescribed form attached to the prospectus obtained from the school. The minimum age for Nursery class is three years by March and four years for LKG by 31st March of the subsequent year. No pupil less than 5 years and 6 months will be admitted to Std. I. Application form along with prospectus for all classes are usually issued in January. All the new applicants seeking admission into Nursery, LKG and UKG must produce a satisfactory evidence of his/her date of birth certificate from the municipal or village authority along with the admission form. Horoscope certificate will not be accepted. New admissions to any class except pre-primary classes must produce a school leaving certificate from the recognized school last attended. It must be counter signed by the R.O. CBSE of the concerned region or the District Education Officer (D.E.O). New admission to any class, except pre-primary classes will be decided strictly on the basis of interview. Admission to the school is restricted by the school management regulations and by conditions of age, ability and conduct of entrance test. The school management reserves the right to accept/reject any application without having to assign any reason. New admission will not be granted after 30th June.


No leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for by the parents in writing at least one month in advance. Leaving Certificate will not be issued until all the fee is paid in full. Fees will be due as long as no notice of withdrawal is given. A pupil dropping from the school after August 31st must pay Tuition Fee upto March of the current year. If school leaving certificate is not asked for within a year a fee of Rs 100/- will be charged for the same.