Kerala English Medium School

Champua, Keonjhar (Odisha)

Rules And Regulations

The parents are expected to be in touch with the school authority at regular intervals to ensure over all progress and conduct of their wards. The parents are required to submit a medical certificate about general health after getting a thorough medical checkup of their wards before admission. Those suffering from chronic illness, waiting etc will not be admitted to the school.

Any adverse drug reactions should also be informed. Only alopathic treatment will be available. The school will not be held responsible if a student leaves the campus without prior permission of the authority concern. Students are prohibited from bringing valuable articles to the school.

Keeping of cell phones, electronic items, weapons of any kind, pocket money, debit/credit cards etc with the students is not permitted. The students who are in possession of these items are to face punishments which the school deems proper. All the parents have to cooperate with the school in enforcing discipline and should insist their words to abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by the school.

The student who cause damage to school property will be charged a fine of Rs 1000/-. Gate Pass is not issued after 5 p.m. The parents are not allowed to visit after 5 p.m.